Why Doctor's Blend?

World class processes in manufacturing. Top-grade, all-natural ingredients. Amazing care for customers.

What others say?

Doctor's Blend products are bringing all-natural health to the nation!

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"I've been using Doctor's Blend supplements for years. I feel so healthy and energetic now."


"I use the Hair, Skin & Nails from Doctor's Blend and love it! My hair is so shiny and healthy and my nails have never been stronger."


"I used to deal with a lot of inflammation from volleyball, so my mom started getting my Doctor's Blend Turmeric. It helped so much, and now we use all of Doctor's Blend products."

Why Doctor’s Blend?

  • They have world class processes in manufacturing.
  • They only use top-grade ingredients.
  • Most importantly, they listen to and care about their customers.

How do we know this? Well, the answer to that involves a little bit of a story.

My husband, Ted, and I have been interested in nutritional supplementation for over 25 years. During that time, we have taken supplements daily and read up on the latest thinking and science behind them.  Then, about 3 years ago, Ted got a chance to work for a well-established global nutritional supplement company as their Vice President of Operations.  In that role, he interacted with many supplement manufacturers and saw under the covers of their manufacturing and ingredient purchasing practices.  He was shocked at how many manufacturers take shortcuts on both good manufacturing practices and truth in advertising.

There were a few exceptions to this, and Doctor’s Blend was definitely one of them. When we began looking for a brand of supplements to endorse at SHEis, Ted immediately thought of them.

After our first meeting, I asked them a few questions about some of the ingredients in their product and sent them some research papers to back up my opinion. A few day later they called me and said based on my input they were making a couple of tweaks to a few of their product formulas. I was so impressed! That is what I call listening to your customer!

I hope you will be as impressed with Doctor’s Blend as we are and allow them, and us, to meet all your nutritional supplement needs. Like Doctor’s Blend, we listen to and care about our customers too.

Stay Strong,

Jaelin Stickels, CNM, WHNP